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Writing a case study is quite a daunting task. You have to invest in time and quality research. Sometimes, this assignment becomes frustrating to a student because of different reasons. There are students who combine studies with full-time jobs where the student goes to class after work. Others face health and family problems that constrain them from writing a good case study paper. This is a project that a student has to take with utmost significance be the case it involved attaining a good grade.

A good case study assignement essay demands an adequate investigation of a problem, examination of the available alternative solutions and the recommendation of the most effective solution using evidence. A student has to ensure that he has all the relevant material when he is preparing his case study paper. These simple steps highlight the process of preparing for a case study paper.

Case study preparation

Before you start writing your case study analysis, these guidelines will help you in your preparation as well as give the understanding of the same.

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Examine and read your case exhaustively

When examining your case, take important notes to assist you in the writing process. Highlight all relevant facts and underline the key problems in your case.


Focus your analysis

You have to identify two to five major problems and give reasons as to why they exist. Describe their impact and show who is responsible for them.


Discover possible solutions

You can review different course readings, discussions, previous researchers as well as your experience.


Suggest the best solution

You have to show how this solution is the best. Use strong supporting evidence to show this and discuss its advantages. Show how realistic it will be in the end.

Drafting your case

Once you have collected all the necessary information, the draft that you prepare for your analysis needs to have the following sections:


The introduction

This is where you identify all the major problems in your case study. Yourintroduction should include your thesis statements. In other instances, thesis statements are written as stand-alone text. It is supposed to be one or two sentences that summarize the outcome of your analysis.



Your set the scene of your case study by providing background information, relevant facts, and the pertinent issues. This is where you demonstrate how well you have researched your problems

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This section allows you to outline all the possible alternatives that exist. However, you do not necessarily have to list all of them include only those you think are more viable. Explain why they were rejected and why they are not possible now.


Proposed Solutions

Subsequently, provide a specific and realistic solution to your case study. Explain why this solution proved to be the best and support it with solid evidence. You can also use concepts from a class such as discussions, text readings, and lectures to help your view. Also, ensure you have incorporated outside research and personal experiences if necessary.



Identify and discussparticular strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution. If applicable, you can recommend further action to provide answers to some of the issues. Show what is supposed to be done.

Finalizing Your Case

After you have finished composing the first draft of your custom case study writing service, read it is checking for any inconsistencies relating to content and structure. Ascertain if your thesis statement is clear enough and direct. Determine if you have provided solid and convincing evidence to support your thesis. Identify any missing component from the analysis. Once you have made the necessary revision, proofread your paper to weed out grammatical mistakes as well as incorrect spellings and punctuations. Then prepare your final draft and submit it to the relevant authority.

Writing a case study is a struggle that many students do not want to engage in. A student has to be committed to this assignment irrespective of the shortcomings and challenges he is facing. If this kind of an assignment combined with other demanding academic tasks, the student will feel the pressure. This might lead him to produce substandard work because, in the first place, he wants to meet the tight deadline.

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