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Professional Proofreading Services

Many emerging writers at times get confused as to when they are supposed to receive proofreading or editing services for their text. They are also unsure of the difference between editing and proofreading. It becomes hard to decide which service they ought to choose. Proofreading and editing services have different results for writers. This becomes imperative for everyone who is seeking either of the services to be aware of what they entail.

The information provided here is meant to benefit not only our clients but also writers who are weighing their options. There are also other general recommendations as to when a client should receive an editing or proofreading assistance.

Editing and proofreading services target audience is the novice academic, book and business authors in the publication process. They can be students writing their thesis or dissertation, first time book authors or business that are outsourcing editing and proofreading services for the first time. A writer has to make an informed decision based on the services to which he looks forward.

Professional Editing Services

In this process, the editor makes necessary changes and suggestions that improve the overall quality if any writing. At this stage, editing is based on language use and expression. After editing, your language becomes sharp and consistent. Expressions become clear, and the overall readability of your text becomes coherent. Editing also looks out for mistakes that relate to grammar, spelling, and other errors that are contained in your document. The idea of editing is to make your English language come naturally to you even if that is not the case.

Quality writing is crucial since it can make the difference between success and failure. It can affect the dissertation defence, selling book copies or landing a business client. With high-quality writing, your text becomes more clear and persuasive as well as authoritative. You sound better as an author. However, if your writing is not fluent, no matter how brilliant your arguments and logic your text is, the impact will not be felt as it should.

Academic editing and book editing assist in ensuring that specific guidelines are met. Academicediting includes checking on the style of referencing and formatting whereas book editing touches on crucial literary elements in a fiction or nonfiction books. The editing process gives you the following results:


Improving the overall quality of your text


It enhances your language use


It makes your expressions clearer


Removes errors and inconsistencies


Makes your writing have maximum impact

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Proofreading Writing Help

This is a much cheaper service than editing which still performs a crucial role.  Proofreading corrects surface writing errors like grammatical, spelling punctuation and other language errors. One might think that this task is not demanding and anyone can do it. A professional editor is far much better than a computer program or any friend you can think of. A proofreader understands every convention of English writing and the gradations of the language.  He has methodical training, and his experience helps him in identifying and eliminating mistakes that novels and dissertations have.

Proofreaders can identify easy to overlook mistakes and inconsistent terminology, formatting and spelling. This is a crucial service because any document, whether academic of business, must communicate clearly. If your writing has to be clear, it should be free from spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Language inconsistency not only undermines the impact of the writing but also the credibility of its author. Proofreading achieves the following results:


Elimination of typing, spelling and grammatical mistakes


Language consistency and formatting


Perfecting an already good writing


Ensures a publication-ready document


It’s much cheaper than editing

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What a writer ought to choose

Depending on the needs of the writer, there are those that prefer editing while others proofreading works just fine. As a professional editing company, we have provided these insights to assist every writer in choosing the best service that works better for them.


When editing is important

If you are an ESL writer (English as a Second Language), you will require editing services rather than proofreading irrespective of whether you have written academic, a book of business related text. Most of ESL writers have problems with complexities of the English language even when they sound proficient in it.
If you are this kind of an author, editing is the best choice for your document. When it comes to booking editing, the quality of the book’s language becomes enhanced, and it becomes easy to reach the publishable standards. Competition is so stiff from self-publishing and e-book market since it is easy to tell when they have received a professional book editing service. You have to get one to keep up with the pace.


When editing is beneficial

A native English speaker with an academic publication will require editing which comes with a great benefit. The editor will be able to check how you have confirmed with the style and formatting conventions. The cornerstones of academic publishing are quality writing and strict adherence to academic conventions.


When proofreading is appropriate

Confident student and academic writers who have edited their texts may only require proofreading services to eliminate surface errors. Their writing should already meet the standard publication quality where proofreading only deals with inconsistencies and academic-specific errors that can make the document lose its impact.

Book authors on the other hand only require a final proofread to ensure that they can publish their work with absolute confidence. This works only if the author has received professional editing service. The idea is to prevent any problems that might emanate from a litany of unchecked surface errors.

Some businesses also require mistake free documents instead of optimising on the quality of writing. However, this depends on the type of document and its importance to the company.

In most cases, proofreading is the way to go, but if you are satisfied with the quality of your writing, you can opt for editing services. As a writer, you should receive editing services first, and a final proofread just before you publish your work. Many writers can apply this approach, although going for both services can be quite expensive. If you are after one of the two services, then this guide should provide the relevant help you.

If you are in search of a company that can offer proofreading or editing services, then you can contact We are your option when it comes to the two services. Having assembled the best team of experienced editors from different parts of the world, is sure that these services will exceed your expectations. We have worked with most of today’s best-selling authors in achieving quality publication standards for their work.

We aim to meet the growing demand for English language services from business and academic people around the globe. At, we are dedicated to providing scientific and academic editing and proofreading services for PhD student thesis, research papers, dissertations, journal articles, books, essays, as well as other professional documents.

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Professional Team

We have assembled a professional team of editors and proofreaders who are ready to give you assurance in the work that you submit with our editing and proofreading services. The team will follow every instruction that you provide to them. We render our services competently to avoid the rejection of your document without consideration of its content. They resolve all your problems relating to language use, formatting and referencing to conform to all the requirements as well as correcting simple errors.

We understand that preparing an academic or a scientific article or manuscript for publication is not an easy task. The content should be engaging enough and is one of the many concerns that one worries about. The language of the paper is crucial and should enhance effective communication. Tables and figures ought to be designed to present complex data in an effective visual form. References must follow every convention of style and formatting. Our team of editors and proofreaders to significantly enhance your chances of a successful publication can address all these concerns.


Affordable pricing

Our proofreading and editing services have been structured to encompass every author. We also pay attention to all students who seek these services from us, and that is one of the reasons we offer these services cheaply. Every book, paper, scientific, or business document needs editing and proofreading. Depending on the kind of service you want, you can now enjoy what we offer for a fee that is way below the market prices. We want to achieve the publication standards for our documents. Visit the website to check on all rates for the proofreading and editing services. The rates are based on the page count of your document and rest assured, it is more convenient that way.


Quality Service

We offer more than simple editing and proofreading to our clients. Seasoned and professional editors who have helped some of the bestselling authors of our time handle your book, document, dissertation, or thesis. The service is quality and touches on every type of order that you can think of. Once the service you requested is complete, you receive your work along with additional notes from your editor or proofreader.


Trusted Reputation

At, we have a trusted reputation that results from our commitment to excellent service provision. Our clients have enabled us to remain as the leading provider of English editing and proofreading services for a very long time. You can never fail when you decide toutilise the affordable editing and proofreading services.

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We deliver on time

We have dealt with some PhD students whose theses have to be submitted before the lapse of the deadline to facilitate their graduation. Our team of editors and proofreaders has proved themselves for their effectiveness in delivering well-edited and proofread documents to our clients. When you seek our services, we strive to work within the specified deadlines to ensure we do not fail you. Our services are efficient, and we guarantee you that we deliver even before the deadline is over.


Round the clock customer service

When you want to seek the editing and proofreading services of, it is very easy. We have a team of customer care people who are ready to receive your requirements at any time of the day. The team works round the clock to facilitate you with the crucial information that pertains to our editors and proofreaders.
To contact us, visit our website and get relevant information on how you can access our services. Make a call, write an email, or even post a comment on our website and we shall respond at any time. We do not use an automated system of response but rather, we use a person to do that for us. We want to have that relationship with you.

Our Guarantee

At, we stand behind every service and product that we offer to our clients. We give you the strongest guarantee that you will get excellent services from our staff. Should you require secondediting or proofreading of your previous documents, we will do it free until we fulfil every requirement that you have. An important aspect to note and understand is that you will always have the control over what is to be corrected as well as the suggestions to the overall outlook of your work. As a company, we are here to offer the best service that surpasses all pour clients’ expectations.

Editing and proofreading are essential services that help an author in producing the best paper, book, thesis, dissertation, and many other publications. The best approach is to choose the best service for your work because it helps in enhancing its impact on the audience. At, we are ready to offer every service that you deem necessary to your work. Our clientele base includes students, businesses, academics and private individuals and to gain many benefits from the utilisation of our services. We stand by the quality of our editing and proofreading service and will continue to do it for as long as it takes.

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