Help With Multiple Choice Questions

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Help With Multiple Choice Questions

Educators have used multiples choice questions for a long time because they test a student’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A student may encounter difficulties with multiple-choice questions and not know how to deal with them. If you an excellent grade from your multiple-choice questions, start by analyzing the questions. Provide effective answers to these questions and work through them strategically. You also have the option of adequately preparing for the exam to ensure you get the highest grade. Let us look at each of the steps.


Analyzing your questions

Some multiple-choice exams will require you to write your answer on an exam booklet. Others will require you to write your answer on a separate answer key. You are supposed to follow every instruction given to you by the examiner.

Read the questions carefully

Before you write down your answer, you are supposed to read your questions carefully. If you are dealing with a physical test, you can use a blank sheet of paper to cover the possible answer options provided below the question. This gives you an opportunity to deal with one question.

1. Analyze the wording of the question

You have to look for any negativewording on the question. For instance, beware of phrases like “Choose an answer that doesn’t describe…” You also need to be alert when it comes to judgmental phrases in the question like, “Choose the correct answer…”

You also need to check the questions for phrases that ask for multiple answers.


Formulate an answer to the question

Before you eventually look at the available answers to the questions, ascertain if you can manage to answer the question first. Ponder the question and come up with your answer that hinges on your existing knowledge of the question. This helps you in to think before you look at the multiple answers provided below the question. The answer that you come up with might be among the choices provided. If you cannot do this, do not worry, use the answers already provided to answer the question.

2. Answer the questions effectively


Review all the answers therein.

This can be achieved through the scrutiny of the answers provided. Read every answer and do not skim or skip any answer. This helps in making an informed decision on how to correctly answer the question.
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Eliminate answers that are incorrect

You can put a small mark on answers that you find incorrect based on how you interpret the question. Answers that have “always,” “never” and “none of the above” are usually incorrect. Do not think that your examiner wants to trick you with confusing options. Most examiners avoid using “trick” answers. You then settle on the answer that addresses the question correctly. You have to ascertain that the answer you have chosen fullyanswers the question. Go ahead and answer all your questions in order. Avoid skipping around since it can contribute to time wastage. Ensure that every question has an answer to it.

3. Preparing for multiple choice questions


Study in advance for the exam

If you want to perform well in your multiple-choice exam, you have to adequately study before the actual date of the exam. You can formulate a study timetable to enable adequate dedication to studying. Do not cram for your exam since it can cause confusion and anxiety. This will definitely lead to a poor grade.

Take a look at past exams

Your instructor can provide you with past papers that have multiple-choice questions. Use them to prepare for the upcoming test. If this does not work, you can join a study group and prepare with others. You also have the choice of using a study tutor to assist you with the exam preparation.

Engage in a calming activity before the exam.

You can take a look at your study notes and go for a walk. Listen to calming music or chat with a friend. Try hard not to be stressed before the exam since this can cause you to freeze once you have the paper in your hand.
Avoid every form of distraction and study with trusted friends. Distractions can derail your preparation towards a multiple-choice exam. This can lead to a disastrous performance in the end.

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