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Frequently Asked Questions about IsEssay

Do you value confidentiality?

IsEssay sticks to privacy in the management of personal information. With policies that restrict access to personal information the website allows customers to place orders with the company’s personal information using personal name, email address and telephone numbers. Personal information is highly classified.

What ethical consideration do you have?

Strict adherence to accurate referencing is important and it identifies the source of information. Citations need proper details in order to avoid plagiarism and misuse of information on arguments, subject, and citations. Custom Writing respects the college citation policies giving accurate information in order to prevent plagiarism. It adheres to rules for direct citations, subject understanding, and personal research. Guarding against misconduct in scientific writing is important.

Do you have safe payment systems?

Payments at IsEssay.com are via PayPal and AliPay. These are fast, and safe online money transfer systems. Our website facilitates for effective and efficient services. The payment method is compliant with the legal requirements. All you have to do is fill in the form for quality services.

How good are your writing Services?

At IsEssay.com, competent writers include degree holders, master’s level, and PhD writers specialized in different subjects. The client is free to choose the specific writer in line with their specialization. The individual writer gets adheres to the instructions and writing plans. Essays, term papers, dissertations, reports and others enhance the tasks for serious tasks choosing the best writing services is a challenge because of the unpredictability. Service delivery captures the original business models, which indicate the need to make conscious decisions for services.

Can I Choosing a specific writer?

Customers who use the services more often have the advantage of choosing their preferred writer from previous assignments. All enlisted writers available are within the portal. Specific customers are keen on choosing professional writer and any work reassigned to a writer shall not be easily to cancel. However, there is no guarantee that the specific work shall be done by the specific writer hence it is possible to reassign the task. Writers prioritize on information that is highly demanding.

Is IsEssay.com a global based writing service?

Our writers include natives and nonnative writers with a good command in core subjects such as English and quality writing. Teamwork is a demonstration of quality and an effective response mechanism that supports all levels including segments for English speaking and academic levels. The Custom Writing payment system is global and complements recognizable degrees, PHD and Masters.

How do I order a customized paper?

Reliable communication includes sending messages, finding quality email notification and personal writer communication networks. These are important in shaping the quality of writing in response to different academic levels and backgrounds. Individual perceptions

How does communication with the writer work?

The personal order link provides a platform for the customer and writer to interact. Email notification displays information from the writer. This could feature a progress report or inquiries about the order. Regular checks on the personal page prevent delayed response. This platform has questions about the order and messages from the writer and sender. Specific writers access information individually but the customers may also choose a writer that meets the expected demands.

Do you experience plagiarism in completed work?

Our services encourage originality that is free from copied work or failed citations. Following instructions is important and most significant is the development of unique materials. The plagiarism detector checks for internet plagiarism in tasks. Once the job is complete, the writer checks for any indication of plagiarism. Checking the writings for safety and freedom from public links calls for uniqueness. IsEssay.com encourages customers to place orders with an assurance that the work is free from plagiarism. The zero tolerance to plagiarism is critical.

What is your take on prewritten Essays?

With a focus on written content, the data base management ensures that all work is original from the start. It keeps a record of the prewritten content for future reference. This is a major step towards reducing plagiarism and information overuse. Each assignment is given utmost value and fresh content in order to prevent recycling of information.

Which is the ideal format for custom essays?

All academic papers are in 275 words per page, 12 point Times New Roman or Arial fonts. This should have a margin of 1 inch and double spacing. This is captured in the order page but the customer is at liberty to change the requirements. Special instructions may also differ.

What delivery process is effective for custom delivery?

Efficiency in service delivery is mandatory at IsEssay.com. There are different delivery options used. These determine the automatic calculation for the payment and service processes. Time calculation depends on the order and it may show the deadline for the task completion. As soon as the customer places an order, the automatic calculations reveal options in the system. This includes a 3-day allowance for completion of the assignment. The writer gets ample time to complete the task. It is advisable that the client places an order within the most favorable deadline. Timely task completion depends on a number of things including placement of the order early and the machine speed.

Which is the right process for sending the material to the writer?

Customers attach and send information or files through the personal order link. The writer is able to access this data directly and the list of files is easily available for download. The visibility of the files is clear and in case of challenges, support services are available for communication in case of difficulties.

Which is the right process for password retrieval?

Order placement at IsEssay.com starts with a password for accessing the links. However forgetting the password is inevitable. The consumer forgets the information and in case of forgotten details, a link is given to redirect the page to the right procedure.

How does receiving the solution work?

The customer receives an email notification immediately after the completion of the tasks. The email has a link to the order page, which is useful for the review of the assignment through proper instructions, and adherence to the system, the personal order page directs to the delivery process. The management of orders from the web site supports the downloading and review process in order to prevent a misunderstanding. Proper management of orders assists in the order placement process. Task complexity provides an allowance for revision. This is the rewriting of information, which is applicable to all assignments

How does downloading in printable Microsoft Word operate?

Printable Word documents are available through the personal order segment. Accessing files in Word format is easy through this process.

Solution for Delays

In case of delays in the delivery process, customers can access support services from the order page through email communication or live chat and telephone contacts. The operator services facilitates for a quick response in which there is a wrong email address, failure to filter SPAM content. Sometimes email adverts may become a nuisance causing the need to countercheck orders. In case of a delayed reply, the need for assistance and plagiarism checks may require immediate response.

Complex Assignment

Academic writing stimulates the development of advanced research. Abc.com encourages fairness in the task compensation. A support team comprises of different categories. The complex tasks may include:Academic writing stimulates the development of advanced research. Abc.com encourages fairness in the task compensation. A support team comprises of different categories. The complex tasks may include:

  • research skills
  • accounting
  • architecture
  • finance
  • IT
  • Statistics
  • Engineering, among others

An additional fee charged to the complex tasks to ensure its successful completion through the compensation process. Order prices may change according to the complexity or size of an order.

How do customers make changes on a custom Paper?

Often the client may request for changes in the assignment tasks. The revision policy supports the management of revised assignment. Doing a good job requires progression, and personal use of files in the order page. Making alterations in the order may require additional payment. This depends on the widening and gaps in the changes created. In this case, the pricing policy applies. Large orders may have discounts and there are special rates for special offers on occasions.

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