Excellent steps of coming up with the best article review

Many assignments abound in college and students have no choice but to conform to the writing idea. They need to understand the importance of assignment writing and the impact it has on their studies as well as their life skills. Writing, in general, is a skill that transcends the learning environment to incorporate general aspects of life. It can be a good source of income if one has mastered it. Assignments in college are many, and the student has to deal with them one at a time. Among the many assignments, that a student has to do is the article review.

Here, the student has to have good analytical, as well as critical thinking skills. It is not enough to know how to write. One must have an extra interest to notice that which other readers are not able to notice. This is an essential tip that one can utilize to come up with an excellent article review.  In such an assignment, the student is supposed to formulate a piece of writing that summarizes and assesses the author’s article. The writer has to give the article a logical evaluation of the central theme, supporting arguments and implications for further research. You have to understand all the major points and arguments of the article to enhance your accuracy as you come up with your article review. 

There are article review assignments that are either critical review or a literature review. When it comes to a critical article review, you have to provide a complete analysis of a text dealing with a specific article or book in detail. For literature reviews, it can be part of a broader paper. As such, an article review is an evaluation and a summary of another article, and it follows a very specific format and guidelines in its writing process. These guidelines are essential if the student wants to know how to write an article review.

Reasons why article review is important

An article review is important because:

It corrects all vague terms

When writing your article review, you may in advertently use inappropriate words or unclear statements. As such, the writer will decide whether to change those terms.

  • It enhances clarity of questions
  • The author can see other people’s perspectives on the raised issues, and after reading the article review, he can get out of personal biases
  • It gives one a chance to improve their grammar and facilitates conscience writing
  • The author can perform better next time he writes an article since the article review gives  suggestions and criticism to the work

As earlier stated, an article review evaluates and summarizes an article but another writer. When it comes to the academic circles, teachers allocate these assignments to usher the students into the work of experts within the field.  Experts are always reviewing the works of other professionals and if the student wants to know how to write an article review, he ought to understand the major points and arguments made writing the article. This will enable them to write their assignment accurately and give a logical evaluation of the major theme in the entire summation. Further research on these themes is crucial to writing a compelling article review. As such, it is important to introduce you to the guidelines you can use to write the best article review. Consider the following:

Preparing to write your article review

In any academic writing, preparation is necessary because it enhances one’s ability to write comes the thing that is compelling. If you want to write a good article review, you need to prepare well, and you do this using these tips:

Understand what the article review is

In most cases, article review is always written to an audience who knows the matter as opposed to a general audience. Remember that you are summarizing the essential ideasand themes, as wellas augments and positions coupled with the findings. You then analyze the article’s contributions tothe field as well as its overall effectiveness. When writingan article review, you are presenting opinions and creating a response to the scholarly writer’s ideas. You have to respond and use theories, concepts, and research from your studies. The critique that you provideon the article has to anchor on your thoughtful reasoning as well as proof.

An article review also responds to the research of the author. In other words, there is no new research, but if one is correcting misleading or otherwise incorrect points, you may use new data. Remember that you are summarizing and evaluating what the author has written in the first place.

Think of how the article is organized

Before you can even begin reading the article you want to review, you need first to understand how you are going to set your article review. This is essential in helping you to read the article so that you can come up with an effective article review. Your review ought to be setin the following parts;

  • Summarizing the article – here, you focus on the major points, claims, and information
  • Discussing the positive aspects of the article – you have to pay attention to areas where the author has done well, the good points he or she makes as well as insightful  observations
  • Identify contradictions, inconsistencies, and gaps within the text. Ascertain of the data is adequate or research was needed to sport the author’ idea. You have to find any unanswered questions.

Preview the article

Here, you can begin by looking at the tile, abstract, introduction, headings, opening sentences of every paragraph as well as the conclusion. Go on and read the first few paragraphs followedbut the conclusion. These steps are essential to help you in starting to identify the arguments p the author as well as his major points. After that, read the whole article. The first read involves understanding the real picture. In other words, you are looking for the majorargument made by the author within the article, and this will make your article review competent.

Note the words or issues that you cannot decipher and the questions that you may have Look up terms or ideas that are unfamiliar to you to enhance your full understanding of the article. Read the concepts incisively to ensure you understand the full concept.

Read the article closely

Remember that you are preparing to write a compelling article review, and as such, you have to read the article repeatedly. You can use a highlighter pen to make notes or highlight important sections. Highlight all the man sections and supporting facts. Ensure that you have a connection of what you read in the article to your existing knowledge of the topic.  Think about the things you have discussed in class or the articles you have come across.

Ascertain if the article agrees or disagrees with your previous knowledge. More so, determine if it builds on other knowledge and how it is similar and different from other texts. Pay very careful attention to the meaning of the article. You also need to pay attention to the meaning of the article if you are going to write a competent article review. This ensures that as you write your article review, you understand everything in it.

Put the article in your own words

One of the ways you know how to write an article review is the ability to put it in your own words. Focus on the argument, the research, as well as the claims made by the article. Ensure thatyou have all the major pointsbecause it is importantforyour accuracy. You can formulate all the major points the article makes and their supporting arguments. Remember you are strictly restating the major points of the article.

Once you write the article in your own words decide some of its parts that you want to discuss in your article review. You whether the focus on the theoretical approach, the content, the presentation, or the interpretation of the evidence. You can also consider the style. Sometimes you can focus on certain aspects of the article besides the main points especially if your article review is meant forcoursecontent.

Review your summary outline an eliminate unnecessary items. Erase or cross out the less important arguments or supplemental information. This revised summary will come in handy as the anchor of the summary provided at the start of your article review.

Outline your evaluation

You are almost done with the preparation of writingyourarticle review. At this step, you need to review each item in the article summary to ascertain whether the author was accurate and clear. You can write down the instances of effective writing, new contributions tothe field and the areas that need improvement. Come up with a list of strengths and weakness.  You can use specific examples and references if you may. If you want to write an engaging article review, you need to think of the following:

  • What the article sets out to do
  • The theoretical framework or assumptions
  • The clarity of the central concepts
  • The adequacy of the evidence provided
  •  How the article fits into the  literature as well as the field
  • If the article advances the knowledge of the subject
  • If the author is clear in his writing

Writing the article review

Now that you have everything, you need to write your article review; it is time to delve right into it.

Formulate your title

Your article review has to have a title that reflects the focus of your entire review. You can give it a declarative, descriptive, or interrogative title.

Cite the article

Under the title, place a full citation of the article using the proper style. The next line is the starting point of your article review. You need not to skip a line between the title and the first sentence of your article review. You can check different article review examples to see how this is achieved.

Identify the article

Your article review, your article review ought to start concerning the title and author of the article, the title of the journal and the publication year in the first paragraph.

Formulate your introduction

As you introduce your article review, ensure that you have the identification sentence. It also good mentions all the central themes of the article. State the author’s thesis and note that sometimes it can have multiple points. However, the thesis may not be clearly stated in the article, and as such, you have to determine it by yourself. The introduction to your article review ought to be betwen10-25% of the total review. The introduction closes with your thesis stamen.

Summarize the article in your own words

Here, you are supposed to express the major points, arguments, and findings of the article in your own words.  You can refer to your summary for assistance and show how the article supports its claims. Ensure that the conclusions of the article are included.  You can do this sing several paragraph author he length anchors on the requirements of your instructor.

Write your critique

When writing your article review, you can use the outline of opinions to write several paragraphs that explain how well the author addressed the topic. Let the audience know if the article was a clear, thorough, and useful explanation of the subject. This is the Centre stage for your article review. You also have to evaluate the major points and arguments and decide if the author points assist the argument in any way. If there are any biases, pint them out.

Conclude your article review

In a single paragraph, you can summarize the major points of the work and your opinions about its significance, clarity, and accuracy. You can comment on the implications for further research if necessary. The conclusion ought to be 10% of your overall article review.

Proofread and edit your work

Ayer you finish the article review writing process, proofread correcting any superficial mistakes. Edit your article review and ensure it conforms to the instructions provided by your instructor. After that write your final copy,an submit.