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Understanding feedback

7.1 Introduction

Amongst all the feedbacks you will get concerning your essay, the most obvious one comes from your tutor. It is the indicator of your level of performance in a particular test. Suffice to say; it is the indication of your knowledge at that moment. However, it is not the best-suited feedback to instigate performance improvement. There are formal and informal feedbacks that can assist you in improving your performance. If there is something unclear in the feedback, that is a certainly a good indication.

7.2 Presentations, reports, essays and other formal assignments

You are supposed to receive written feedback concerning any formal assignment that is related to your coursework. This feedback can only apply to you or your group if the assignment was a collective effort. It is very valuable because it indicates how you are supposed to improve in areas where you have shortcomings. However, this feedback can only be effective if you use it appropriately. Do not try to find any mistake in the feedback, especially if you have missed the mark that you were clamoring for. It is hard to see how the feedback relates to the marks. Most importantly, you have to familiarize yourself with the marking criteria of every assignment. Seek clarification from your lecturer on any parts of the feedback that you do not understand.


7.3 Generic feedback

Every student is entitled to this feedback which encompasses any issues in every exam script for the module. Think about it and identify the way in which it applies to your performance. Not every generic feedback will apply to you, and as such, you have to critically assess your performance in every exam and choose the most important parts of the generic feedback that can only apply to you.

On the other hand, lecturers ought to give one-on-one feedback for every exam and should be their prerogative to organize these sessions.

7.4 Informal feedback in tutorials, seminars, and other teaching sessions

If you have teaching sessions that you can use to pass ideas across or engage in practical exercises, and your tutor has commented on them, then that is informal feedback. However, the informal feedback does not lead to any marks and may not even be written down, but that does not make it less important. You only need to see how it relates to the marking criteria and its applicability for your future assessment. If there is something unclear in the informal feedback, then ask your lecturer for clarification.

Assignments and examination feedback

Percentage Comments
91-100 The brief is thorough and excellently executed. The evidence is significant and indicated independence of thought and research. Ideas are well written and aptly focused. few areas need improvement
81-90 Near-perfect execution of the brief, clearly and well-structured arguments, independent and excellent critical analysis ability. Well applied research information and examples. The paper is well written. Only a few areas of improvement.
71-80 The brief execution is good; there is adequate mastery of the topic and strong and well-focused argument and evidence
61-70 The answers are strong and well-focused. Excellent support of using evidence indicating reading beyond the normal text. There is thorough and comprehensive perspective with a few language errors. Good knowledge of the topic and ability to discuss theories and ideas.
50-59 Well-structured answers and reasonably comprehensive approach that is a little bit descriptive. Limited evidence couple with a few spelling, grammar or syntax errors
41-50 Your brief relied on lecture notes and basic texts. Limited knowledge and understanding of the topic. Significant errors and poorly structured arguments, irrelevant examples and inaccuracies in language which makes it hard to understand ideas.
31-40 Below par execution of the brief, full of errors and substantially irrelevant content that is poorly constructed. Lack of understanding of the topic and a paper full of language errors that hinder effective communication of ideas.
0-30 A seriously inadequate execution of the brief. Inability to focus on the question and the lack of theoretical underpinning. Most of the content is irrelevant, and your work has potential plagiarism. A serious deficit of good command of the language that hinders effective communication of ideas. Irrelevant evidence and lack thereof in your work.


Percentage Comments
91-100 The topic is theoretically and practically significant. Defined research questions, excellent literature review, and excellent execution of the research design, analysis, discussions, and conclusions of high quality. Originality I question selection and approach to the entire research, excellent presentation, and significant contribution to the body of knowledge.
81-90 Careful execution of the design and study, excellent theoretical framework, and good literature review as well as carefully formulated approach. Well-defined and clear research questions, excellent use of methodology, thorough discussion, and concrete conclusions. Excellent presentation and perfect use of language. It is an important contribution to the body of knowledge
71-80 The study is well designed and carefully executed, good literature review and theoretical framework. Indication of independent thinking, excellent citations clear conclusions, and detailed recommendations. The presentation is excellent and well written
61-70 The study is adequately executed as well as the literature review. Good effort on data collection and analysis. Strong conclusions and detailed recommendations. Apart from a few linguistic errors, the paper is well written.
51-60 Adequate design and execution of the study, enough literature review, framing the study and data collection. Contains weakness in approach especially in the application of methodology, lame conclusions, and lack of recommendations. It is reasonably well written but contains punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors although the ideas are communicated.
41-50 The research is independent, but there are inadequate design and execution of the study. The literature review is the partial and imprecise frame of the study. The research questions follow poor alignment and methodology. There are weak recommendations and conclusions. Language errors are present although the ideas are communicated
31-40 There is an attempt to independent research although it is no significantly inadequate. The literature review is also inadequate, poor design and methodology, poor data collection and analysis and very weak conclusions and recommendations. Weakness in language that affects effective communication of ideas
0-30 There are significant weaknesses in every part of this submission. The literature review, methodology, data collection analysis and discussion, conclusions and general presentation are all weak. Plagiarism is evident and poor language hindered effective communication of ideas.
presenting ideas 1


Percentage Comments
91-100 An engaging presentation that uses good visual aids, clear and concise introduction, perfect delivery, and summary. The material is well-organized and strict adherence to time. Courteous and authoritative responses to questions and the contents focused entirely on the brief. Evidence if independent and in-depth research. Little room for improvement
81-90 Engaging presentation and excellent use of visual aids. The introduction is clear and concise, the delivery and summary are excellent. The material is well structured and time is well managed. The responses to the questions are authoritative and courteous. The content revolved excellently on the brief, and it indicates brilliant research. Only slight improvement on one or two points.
71-80 Good use of visual aids, engaging presentation, excellent introduction, delivery, and summary. The material is well-structured and strict adherence to the allotted time. Authoritative responses to questions and the contents that focus in brief. Research went beyond basic text and lecture materials.
61-70 Satisfactory presentation skills, clear introduction, delivery, and summary supported by visual aids. Good focus on the brief as well as the organization of the materials. The presentation lasted within the time limits, and questions received courteous responses. The research goes beyond basic text.
51-60 Satisfactory presentation but flaws in the following areas: introduction, delivery, and summary. The visual aids were not as appropriate, and there is a problem with the general organization of the presentation as well as adhering to the allocated time. The presentation did not involve research that went beyond basic text.
41-50 The presentation is barely satisfactory, and there are weaknesses in the introduction, delivery, summary, visual is and general organization of the entire presentation. There are problems with time management, especially when dealing with questions. The research was superficial, and there are errors everywhere.
31-40 The presentation is below average, and there are weaknesses in the introduction, delivery and the summary of the entire presentation. There is not time observance, and the presentation revolves around basic text. It is partial and has many errors.
0-30 This falls seriously below par, and it fails to focus on the brief. There are multiple, weaknesses in every part of the presentation such as the introduction, delivery, and summary. The visual aids are not appropriate, and the general organization of the presentation is very poor. There is no strict adherence to time nor are there satisfactory answers to the questions. The presentation does not go beyond lecturer materials as the basis for research. There are many language errors.

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