Good essay writing anchors on original thinking, a tight structure, balanced arguments and so on.  However, among the many aspects that most people overlook is that the essay needs to be INTERESTING.  When you write an essay of any kind, it should pique the interest and curiosity of the audience, keep them glued and wanting to read more.  Writing a boring essay can bore the readers, and if you are a student, it can cost you good grades.

You may have interesting points, but the way you write is just dull. Academic writing, however boring it might sound, demands a writing style that evokes interest and curiosity. Remember the primary audience for a student is the professor or the teacher. Several things are essential if you want to write an interesting essay. If you confine yourself to the formal rules of academic writing, you can only do so much. Below are interesting factors that can help you in writing an excellent paper.

Factors to consider while Writing an Excellent Paper

Your interest matters alot

If you want to write an interesting piece, you have to show interest I what you are writing about. This ought to come naturally for you because you will make it lively and engaging. You will also invoke enthusiastic words in the same manner as you would in a conversation.  However, do not overdo it, but maintain the passion for the subject. When you are interested, the writing becomes easy. If you are forced to write essays based on topics that you have no interest in, they are bound to be dull. If you are writing about a subject in which you are not interested, consider the following tips:

Change your mindset

You have to tell yourself that no subject is boring and if in the end, the essay becomes boring, you have no one but yourself to blame. Think of the importance of the subject and its relation to the real world.

Think about the audience

Rest assured that not everyone would be bored by the subject, as you would think. When writing, keep the audience in mind and think of them as the biggest fans of the subject.

Find these fans

If you cannot get into the mindset of the audience, try researching on the topic through google. You can find videos or blog posts that discuss your subject in an interesting manner. You will easily know your target audience and get a different point of view regarding the subject.

If you want to make headway in a subject that you are not interested in, you have to keep an open mind.

Incorporate interesting details

Writing about a dry subject matter is a recipe for a boring essay, even though some of the topics are naturally dry. It is your prerogative to ensure that your style of writing makes the essay interesting enough for the readers. Fascinating snippets about your topic can make your essay, regardless of whatever type, very interesting.  Try to make the subject relatable to the audience and relevant to the real world.

Choose a fascinating style of writing from your favorite writers

You can emulate your favorite writers by reading their works. You will be subconsciously emulating their style, and this can only emanate from reading widely. If you find yourself glued to a piece of reading, then this writer did his job excellently. From that, you can try to identify what the writer did best to glue your attention to his piece. Underline any phrase, words, techniques, and sentence structures that you find interesting. Go ahead, apply the same in your essay writing, and trust you me, you will make considerable headway.

Always write in the active voice

Your essay is more interesting if it uses an active voice. It is more energetic, direct and it puts the essay “at the moment.”However, most students apply the passive voice thinking that it makes their writing more academic, but in actual sense, it sounds boring. Active voice is more concise, elegant and more enjoyable to the audience.

Borrow a leaf  from creative writers

Do you want to write an interesting essay? There is an extent to which storytelling should go. Essays ought to be objective, balanced, and factual. This might not even sound as storytelling in the first place. However, principles of storytelling can apply if you want to make your essay sound fascinating. For instance, if you are interested in reading novels, you will find that most writers capture the audience’s attention right from the first paragraph. As such, your essay needs to do the same and make the audience continue reading.  Use a hook that grabs the attention of your intended audience. It can be a controversial statement, a famous quote of a tantalizing snippet of information to make the reader want more from your piece.

Consider your opinion

An essay can become boring if all that you do is paraphrase information from other sources. If you want to make it excellent, you can invoke some personal and intelligent responses to what other writers say. This shows you are critically thinking about the subject as well as having a high academic level of thinking. It also adds more to your originality. Independence of thought is important and don’t fail to demonstrate it in your writing.

Cut to the chase

If you want to lose the interest of your audience, start rambling left right and center. This can happen if you are not having a clear picture of what you want to say or you have not thought about the structure and flow of your argument. Research extensively on the topic and formulate an outline before you can start writing anything.

You also need to edit your essay after the writing process is over. Edit out the waffle and read the essay objectively editing out irrelevant information, phrases, or sentences within that piece. By the time you finish this, your essay will appear in the manner that you had initially intended.

Figurative language can help

Explaining difficult concepts can make you ramble especially if there is little understanding or lack thereof.  Figurative language can help in explaining in a clear manner any point that you want to makes in the essay. Figurative language makes an explanation of something, by comparing it with something else. It gives the reader a new way to visualize what you are trying to explain.

Refrain from using clichés

Clichés make your writing predictable and less fascinating. For a student, your professor or teacher has so many essays to go through and using the same old, and tired expressions will make your essay boring. Shun clichés and make your writing unique.

Proofread your work

Proofreading is a no-brainer. You can write an interesting piece, but if it is laden with errors, it will distract the reader from your content. Before submitting any piece of academic writing, proofread it thoroughly and correct any mistakes relating to grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.

Imperatively, students ought to understand that essay writing is not just about finishing the assignment. It extends to writing an interesting piece using the above tips. They go along way in assisting them to get good grades.