For those of you who love watching movies, the first thing you do after you watch a thrilling film is to go online and make your comment about it. Movie comments usually appear on social media, public pages, review sites, blogs, and other platforms. The process even becomes easier if you have tools online. When it comes to writing a movie review, you will require time and organization. You have to know how to write a movie review structure giving details that transcends what happens on the screen.

The purpose of a movie review

Every piece of writing services a purpose, and if you know how to structure your movie review, you will achieve the purpose of informing the reader concerning the film and its ideas. However, a common mistake that happens is trying to report everything that happens in a movie and giving your opinion on it. Movie reviews allow the writer to express their opinion, but it must be unbiased and objective. If you want to write an idea movie review, you have to combine both approaches.

Knowing how to write a movie review will help the reader in deciding whether the film is worth is time or not. To students facing these academic assignments, they should take the chance to introduce their cinematography work to their supervisor. When writing a movie review, always assume that the audience has not seen it. This makes it easier for you to analyze the film and the events that happen on screen

Movie review ought to have adequate details to help in making an honest decision on the movie. This paper is a common school assignment because lecturers want to get a clear picture of the student’s critical thinking skills and report an event in a manner understood by others easily.

More so, they want to ascertain if you know how to structure a movie reviewbesides analyzing the plot and characters. Movie reviews analyze the events that happen in a documentary, or regular movies. It also assesses the writing and vocabulary skills of the students and their ability to adapt to different events and genres they portray.  The ability of the student to sum up a major work and report it coherently and logically is important, which is why you need to know the right movie review structure.

This should be a systematic guide on how best you can write a review and get the good marks that you want. It also helps the student in putting all his writing skills to task because, for one, academic writing is an integral part of the student’s life. It also changes the perspective that the student has when it comes to movies. As such, it is never too early to start writing movie reviews, nor is it too early to understand a movie review structure. The idea of writing a movie review is to come up with something interesting that people can read and make the right decision about the entire film.

A decent movie review is supposed to persuade, entertain, inform the reader, and provide them with an authentic opinion without revealing too much about the movie. Now, if you want to write a perfect movie review, these are the tips and procedure involved:

Drafting your review

Commence with a compelling fact or opinion about the movie

Knowing how to write a movie review demands you to start with a hook from the onset. This grabs the audience’s attention, and the first sentence is supposed to give them a feel of your movie review and keep them glued to work. Some of the ideas you can include consist of:

  • The comparison also a relevant event or a movie
  • Providing the review in a nutshell
  • Giving context or background information

Provide a clear and well-established opinion early enough

One of the tips on how to write a movie review is that the reader ought to know your opinion from the onset. This is in terms of whether you like the movie or not. Making your opinion know early one enables you to dwell on proving your point for the rest of the time. You can use a star rating of o tom 10 or simple thumbs up or thumbs down. Subsequently, explain why you have given that kind of rating. Tell if the movie is great, okay or it is just a bad movie to watch.

Write your review

Following all the rules of how to structure a movie review, start writing your reviews. At this point, if you have been taking notes while watching the movie, you can use them. In most cases, the reader does not care about your opinion, but if you can support it with facts, then it becomes even more credible and believable.

Transcend the obvious aspects of the plot analysis

The plot is just one aspect of the movie, which should not dictate how you write your review.  Some movies lack great or compelling plots, but that does not necessarily translate that the movie is bad. You can try to focus on cinematography, tone, music, and sound as you adhere to your movie review structure. Pay attention to the acting also

Try to bring your review full circle in the end

Every writing must have some sense of closure in it. This happens when you try to back your opening point. Remember that a movie review is the determinant of the decisions made by the audience concerning the movie. End with a sentence that tells them something about how the movie was great, bad or just okay.

Studying the source material   

Gathering facts about the movie

If you know how to write a movie review, then you know gathering basic facts is an important step in the entire process. This can happen before or after you have watched the film. However, it should happen before you get down to write the review since you would need to include facts as you write.  As you write your movie review, you need to know:

  • The film title and the year of release
  • The director’s name
  • Lead characters’ names
  • The genre of the movie under review

 Watch the movie as you take notes

Just before, you can sit down and watch the movie, take a pen and a notebook or even a laptop to enable you to take notes. You may know how to structure a movie review, but that is knowledge you cannot utilize if you do not have the right notes. Movies take time, and it is easy to forget some details or major plot points. If you take notes, you can return to them as you proceed with the writing process. Write down something sticks out, regardless whether it is good or bad.

It can be about costumes, makeup, music, and set design and so on. Think of how this details related to the rest of the movie and its meaning in the context of your review. Note the pattern of events as the movie unfolds. You can pause the movie as frequent as you can to ensure you have not missed anything racial. Rewinding is necessary; after all, you are the one writing the movie review.

Analyzing the mechanics of the entire movie

You have to analyze all the different components that came together in the movie. While viewing or after, ask yourself about the impression, you have on the movie in the following areas:

  • Direction

As you pay attention to your movie review structure during writing, think of how the director chose to portray the events of the story. Was the pace slow and did the movie incorporate things that you would consider necessary? All this has to be attributed to the director. If you have watched movies in the same genre directed by the same person, compare them and determine what you like most about them. 

  • Cinematography

Consider the techniques used in the movie and identify the background and setting elements that helped in achieving a certain tone.

  • Writing

Part of knowing how to write a movie review is to evaluate the script, the dialogue therein as well as characterization. Ascertain if the plot was inventive and unpredictable or weak and boring. Tel if the character’s words were credible or not.

  • Editing

Tell if the movie was choppy or there was a smooth flow from one scene to the next. Show if they had a montage to help in building the story. If there was something obstructive, tell and how it was helpful to the narrative.

  • Costume and set design

Talk about how the clothing fit the style of the movie or not. Pay attention to how the set design in the film influenced other elements. Did it add or take away from experience for you? If the movie utilized an actual location, was the location well chosen?

  • Soundtrack

Tell if the soundtrack was consistent with the film and if it worked in the scenes. Was it too irritating, amusing or suspenseful? Did it have a message?

Watch it one more time

It’s hard to fully comprehend the movie you have only watched once. Watch it again and take necessary notes before you can start writing as per the movie review structure. You will be able to pick new points as you focus on the major aspects of the movies (as outlined above).

Composing your movie review.

This is where you show your expertise on how to structure a movie review. The procedure includes:

Creating an authentic thesis pegged on your analysis

 Having thoroughly studied the movie, you have unique insight that you can discuss. Create a central idea that you will back up using your observations and various elements of the movie. Come up with a strong thesis whose review will go beyond the obvious plot summary.

Follow your thesis paragraph with a plot summary

As you write your paper based on the movie review structure, give readers an idea of what to expect using a plot summary where you identify the main characters, describing the setting and giving a sense of the central conflict of the movie. However, do not give too much away.

Delve into the analysis of the movie

At this stage of your movie review structure, write several paragraphs that discuss the elements of the movie and support your thesis. Discussing the direction, acting, setting, cinematography and so on. Use cleat and entertaining prose to keep your readers glued. Use facts and opinions and make your writing easy to understand.

Use examples to back up your points

Any statement you make about the movie should be backed up with a descriptive example. Paint a picture of how the scene looks, the way a person acted, camera angles and so on.  In other words, the readers are getting the feel of the movie through your words.

Write a good conclusion

As a rule of how to structure a movie review, you have to write a good conclusion. It is supposed to tie back to the original thesis. It should guide the reader in deciding whether to watch the movie or not. Make your conclusion as compelling as possible because that is the end of your writing.

Polishing your movie review

Editing you review

Edit your movie review after writing the first draft, read it to ascertain if it flows accordingly and in the right movie review structure. You can shift paragraphs, delete sentences, add more materials, and so on. The idea is to give it the best editorial sound ever.

Proofreading your review

Go through your movie review to flushing out possible errors in punctuation spelling and grammar. It gives your movie review the much need professional touch. No one wants to read a text full of avoidable mistakes. Once you proofread and ascertain everything is within the parameters required, you can either publish your review or submit it if it is an assignment. Now you know how to write a good movie review.