Every student will agree that writing a long essay is a tad too overwhelming. Some of them do not even know where to start. They might think they have the broadest topics or do not have enough resources. Either way, long essay writing requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Some students will abscond writing these types of essays and get online writing services to do it for them. The length of the essay might not necessarily matter a lot like the content. Students have to make sure whatever they write in those papers is good and can earn them excellent grades besides demonstrating their essay writing skills.

When it comes to long essay writing, you need to pick the right topic and have the right resources for your work. You need not worry about how long it is going to take, only that it must start early enough to fall within the set deadlines. Students are always complaining about writing in general, but college learning is laden with too many aspects. Writing involves many things, and the long essay is just part of it. Long essays can be based on any topic. It can be any essay depending on the length. Since some essays have a word limit, long essays do not necessarily have a definite number of words, but some go as long as 5000 words.  It will be good to consider some guidelines that govern long essay writing. They include:

  • Topics

Long essays anchor on different topics.  They can be about banking, economics, social policy, accountancy, finance, public policy and so on. Mostly, long essay writing will depend on what your professor provides as the topic. However, students have the liberty to choose whatever area they can base heir topic con and write a long essay.

  • Digitization of long essays

When writing a long essay, you need to use a text format that is easy to digitize the entire paper. It has to be prepared in a word processing file that is up to date and can be later transformed into a pdf file. However, this hinges on the preference of the supervisor.  When you put your long essay into a pdf format, you cannot make any changes to it.

  • Plagiarism

Remember that writing a long essay is an academic task. The document is academic and must follow all long essays writing a guide to make the work credible. Plagiarism is a vice frowned upon in the world of academia. When writing a long essay, you need to ensure your work is original; you need to acknowledge and cite any information that you have obtained from primary and secondary sources. Since you are writing on a topic, you are bound to come across different literature that relate to the topic. It would be imprudent of you t present that information as yours. Not only are you putting your long essay on the line, but also the credibility of your academic life. It will cost you the entire project,and you risk being expelled from the school. Take note of plagiarism when doing long essay writing.

  • Failing in a long essay assignment

Depending on the rules and long essays writing a guide of the institution, a student may fail in this assignment if he does not meet the threshold. This means he will have to go back and redo the work before resubmitting. Some faculties are very particular on the guidelines that are involved in long essay writing. Deadlines are very crucial in some institutions, and as such, the student has to ensure they are met.

Contents of long essays

The contents of a long essay depend on the instructions of the assignments. Some lecturers give explicit assignment details that have to be followed to the letter. A student has to adhere to them because for one; they are the basis of grading long essays. Now let us dive into the contents involved in writing a long essay.

Picking the topic

With regard to writing a long essay, you may be assigned a topic or given the liberty to choose one. Remember that ling essays can anchor on different areas. If you are free to choose your topic, choose an area that you are familiar with. When your long essay writing pegs on a topic assigned to you by your supervisor, you have to work hard and research on it. Think of the kind of paper that you want to produce. It can be a general overview of the topic or specific analysis.

When writing a long essay and you choose your topic, you have the advantage of choosing something interesting. Choose topics that you find intriguing. You can think about your life and its interests. Write all these topics down. Evaluate all the options available. For instance, if you want to educate, settle on a subject that you are passionate about. Irrespective of the purpose of your essay, the type of topic that you choose ought to come out of your interest.

Research on the topic

In long essay writing, you have to research on whatever topic you are dealing with, whether assigned or self-chosen. This is an integral part of writing a long essay as well as any other academic paper.  With research, you will be able to formulate a decent thesis statement that you are going to discuss in the entire essay.  Use primary and secondary sources for your paper.  The research time depends on the topic that you chose. Some may take days or even weeks whereas some topics only require a small amount of research time.

As such, long essay writing should anchor on adequate research on the topic at hand. Some students find it too much, and they end up enlisting the services of online writers, especially when it comes to the researching part. Either way, your essay has to sound credible, informed, and well written. Researching is the only way you can achieve this. Note that your supervisor will be looking at how you present your ideas and the evidence that you have. This will demonstrate if you put in more work on the topic or not.

Researching is one of the important long essays writing a guide because it helps you formulate a good argument as well as achieving the purpose that you intended for the essay.

Formulating your thesis statement

After you are done with your research, go through it to help you incoming you with the best thesis statement for your long essay. When writing a long essay, and through your thesis statement, you will be shaping the entire essay for the audience. Make your thesis statement as specific as possible because it outlines the argument that you are going to make in the entire paper. You have to answer the “so what?” question in your thesis.

Finishing the research

You are not yet done researching on the long essay topic that you have. Now that you have a thesis statement, you can continue researching now focusing on the sources that support your thesis statement. This is essential in long essay writing because you will have an idea of where to find your sources. Every source that you search for must help you in arguing out your point in the thesis statement.

Important tip: When writing your thesis statement, it must have two parts; one that states the topic and the other one that states the point of the essay

Developing the outline

When writing a long essay, just like any other type of academic writing, you can develop an outline. Some students may prefer going without this part. However, formulating an outline is essential in ensuring that you are organizing your thought s and planning everything out. If you have a more detailed outline, the process of writing a long essay will be easy. It also means you will have an easy time putting in details when they are necessary. It also helps in drawing connections between concepts in the essay and going in-depth in the analysis of the evidence that you have concerning your topic. Remember that in long essay writing, your thesis statement may change, and that is normal. Your thesis statement is not fully done because they are meant to change as you continue developing your long essay. Your long essay outline ought to have the following sections:

  • Title page

This must contain your name, the topic of your long essay, the name of the institution and the date of submission

  • Acknowledgment

This is not necessarily put, but it depends on what your lecturer wants. It acknowledges those who have helped you in the research, as you were getting ready for long essay writing.

Table of Contents

  • The Introduction

This should introduce the reader to the background of the study and the nature of the problem under investigation. It sets the study into context and explains its importance as it highlights significant issues, concepts, and problems.

  • The Body

This where you discuss and analyses the topic in light of the available evidence. Every paragraph that you write in the body must have a topic sentence that relates to the general topic. Provide a critical review of the topic though long essay writing. Use the literature you have gathered to explain your research on the topic. You have to reiterate on the importance of the topic.

  • The Conclusion

Here, you revisit the major issues in your long essay and give a summary of the results  and recommendations. Most importantly, when writing a conclusion for your long essay, you ought to ensure there is nothing new you are introducing here. The conclusion must give the reader he closure that he or she deserves on the topic. Make the conclusion impactful to have the audience have your voice way after they have read your long essay.

Write your long essay

Once you have outlined everything, now it is the time for you to engage in long essay writing.  Follow every bit of the outline and include the relevant information. Ensure ta you have followed the log essays wrong guide as you progress systematically arguing pout your point in the essay. Everything that you write must support your point and must relate to the topic of the long essay. Having an outline helps in preventing the write from veering off the topic. Once you are done the long essay writing process, you move on to the next step.

Revising your essay

Depending on the deadline you have, you can take a day or two from the long essay.   This helps you in giving it a fresh perspective when you come back to it. The process of writing a long essay is not complete yet,and you have to ensure you right the wrongs in that text.Remember that this is your first draft and that you can make any change that you that you see fit.


The process of writing a long essay involves proofreading the entire paper one tactic you can apply is to read the essay from the end and find your way to the beginning. You can sentence by sentence identifying any mistake that relates to grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and so on. Ensure that your essay is free from any unnecessary errors that can cost you good marks.

Editing your long essay

You also need to edit your long essay by arranging and rearranging ideas. Editing goes more into the contents of the essay as opposed to proofreading which is more about correcting typos and simple errors; the edit is more detailed in that you check to see if the ideas are consistently flowing as planned. You can edit out or ad more information depending on how you see it. The idea is to make the paper the best piece of your work.

Once you are done with all these processes, you can go through your paper to ensure it meets all the requirements. Print it for submission. Sometimes you can send it via email, but it depends on your lecturer want.