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Resume writing and editing

Resume writing happens to be a skill by itself and it has a slight different from the rest of the writing assignments that one receives. This formal document must have a professional feel. A resume is supposed to communicate or show your unique personality to enable you stand out from the rest. It is important to know that you have to edit your resume before sending it to the prospective employer. When you write your resume, it is important you edit it. Editing goes beyond giving something a once-over to eliminate some typos and spelling mistakes. This is about looking at something from a crit9ical point of view.

When writing and editing a resume in most cases makes a person to take the recruiter and employer mindset. If you want to edit your resume professionally, then you must develop a fresh mindset. Take a break from the resume before you can go back to it. If you spend too much time on your resume, it will be hard tom give it an objective review. Others find it hard to write their resumes because they are too involved in their experiences. It is hard for them to offer a macro view of their experience as well as accomplishments. Instead of focusing on information that it is relevant to their employer, they include things that are less impactful on a resume.
There are many ways of making your resume better, but before that, several things about.

resume writing


Among many other definitions, a resume is a document that markets your capabilities. You must construct it well because it is the selling point of your talents and eligibility to a position. The prospective employer will see this document before you are invited for an interview. There are many resumes of deserving candidates that have ended in the trashcan because they were poorly written. As such, it is important for you to ensure that your resume is above board since prospective employers filter candidates for subsequent interviews using their resumes. As such, this makes it important to take resume writing very seriously.

There is a certain rule that has to guide you when you are writing your resume. Everyone is unique in his or her resume and the document must reflect as such. It does not have to be a one-page document that shows everything about a prospective candidate. It has to be tailored to that prospective candidate so that it can elicit a response that can only relate to him or her. Everyone who looks forward to an interview must pay attention to this crucial aspect.

Every field has its standards for their resume. For instance, a scientist resume cannot be the one that belongs to a journalist. The standards in each field are there for the professionals to meet them when it comes to their resumes. As such, these professionals must gain the visibility and break the initial barriers to becoming viable and unique candidates.


When writing your resume, you must be aware of the impact that the competition has on that document. One average job has many applicants each having their resumes. The HR is the one who is going to sift through the growing number of resumes from prospective employees. Not many people would look forward due to the laborious nature of this job. The competition comes in when all the resumes have the same outlook. The one that comes out as unique has the highest chances of going through and enabling the applicant to get a chance for an interview. When you are writing your resume, this should be your goal. If you have a well-written resume, the employer will read it from the first word to the last. You will be able to go to the next recruitment phase, which is the interview.

Editing your resume

If you want to edit your resume like a professional, you must approach the process with an open mind. Consider following these general rule:

  • Show what you do well
    You can identify top five skills that an employer is looking for in a candidate. Focus your resume on how you have achieved these skills.
  • Remove the irrelevant details
    Most of the time the HR decides whether you are the perfect candidate by reviewing your resume for the first few seconds. Not every line in your resume is read in its entirety. If you put only the relevant information in your resume, then the hiring manager will read it and conclude that you deserve a call back. If you fail to include relevant details I your resume, you just raise your chances of never getting that call back. It is crucial to ensure there is more relevant information on your resume since it is more impactful. Add information that will warrant the prospective employer to give you a call back almost immediately.
  • Feel confident to market yourself
    If you want your resume to have an impact, you have to market yourself. Every aspect of what you include in your resume must be a selling point. Put all your capabilities, skills, and experiences in a manner that sells you. Many resumes do not sell simply because they are not focused. For instance, just because you were employed to bag groceries does not mean it has to appear in the resume. How you pit is what matters. You can say how your customer relations skills help you in maintaining customer satisfaction, which culminated into returning customers. This is not a lie, but a simple repositioning of information I a manner that shows more relevance to the job.
  • Check common mistakes
    Misspelling, punctuation, grammar, and alignment are very avoidable. Any resume that is not carefully proofread will have many mistakes, and that is not good for you. Let your resume be rejected on other ground instead of these simple mistakes that you can easily correct. Once you write, you can let a family member or a friend to give it a review. Take some time off from the resume if you want to give it a good review. If you stare long at a resume, you stand to lose sight of important aspects.

    If you give your resume a good editing, it will have positive impacts and raise your prospects of getting a call back. The one stands between you and the interview that leads to a job. Everyone submits a resume with the hopes of securing a job, but only the unique resumes guarantee you a call back. Uniqueness in writing such a document is very important since that is what the employers are looking for.
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Basic types of resumes

Depending on your situation, there are several basic types of resumes that you can write and use to apply for jobs. They include:

  • Chronological resume
  • Functional resume
  • A combination resume
  • A targeted resume

Chronological resume

This starts with a list of work history with the most recent job coming first. It utilizes the reverse chronology and is a more preferred type of resume because it gives the prospective employers a sneak peak of what you have done as well as the duration that you took doing those jobs. Job seekers who have a strong solid work history write this.

Functional resume

The focus of this document is directed towards the skills and experience that you have as a candidate. It does not follow any chronology of work history. The people who are changing careers more have gaps in their employment history use this resume.

Combination resume

This enumerates your skills and experience first. It is then subsequently followed by your employment history. This is one opportunity for you to highlight the skills you have and are relevant to the position for which you are applying. If gives a chronological order of work history that is preferred by most employers.

Targeted resume

This resume is customized to highlight the skills and experiences that you possess and are relevant to the job for which you are applying. This type of resume takes time to create than just your ordinary resume. However, it is worth the effort especially if you a seeking employment that perfectly matches your experience and qualifications.


This summarizes your career highlights and qualifications. It is a document that you ca use t network and is shared upon request by employer or reference write in need of an overview of your achievement. In this case, it works better than a fully-fledged resume.

Non-traditional resume

This is a web-based type of resume that includes images, photos, graphs, charts and other visuals. To make your resume, better, you need to constantly jeep editing it , adding more of your new accomplishments, shifting the way you talk about an experience based on something that you have witnessed someone else doing. You also have to ensure that you have mot missed anything. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will have to write a unique resume. This information can be very helpful and at times, you can ask for help if you are stuck somewhere.

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