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Process analysis essays

This is a piece of writing that explains how something is done, how it occurs, or how something works. When writing this essay, the writer is supposed to present a sequential process of order, from the first to the last in a process analysis essay, all uncommon terms, and the process is defined. This essay can take two forms why are very common. One, it can be written as a directional process analysis which outlines the steps in a process that the audience can perform if they want too. The other form of process analysis is the informational process analysis. This explains how something is done, but the reader is not likely to perform the process.

  • Directional process analysis
    This is used to describe how something is put together. For instance, a toy. When writing this essay, the audience that you are addressing might be new to the process. Make sure that the language you are using is simple and clear so that the reader can understand and avoid making mistakes in the process. It relates uniquely to the audience because, through them, your essay translates to action almost immediately. You have the assumption of the audience performing the task at the same tie they are reading your essay.
  • Informational process analysis
    From the definition, the audience gets to know how to do something, though they are not likely to apply the process anywhere. For instance, the process of an open-heart surgery can be explained to the patient to make them understand the process, though the patient is not going to perform the process. Informational process analysis is crucial because they add to the knowledge of the audience, they satisfy the curiosity and enhance the appreciation of a complex or interesting process.

Process analysis is involved in every aspect of the subject you will cover in school. For instance, Natural Applied Sciences require lab reports detailing the process of experimenting, political science students will write about the process of moving a bill through parliament or congress. In everyday life, you are required to write directions to your place or a recipe for your friend. On the job, you get employees write job descriptions explaining how they perform diverse tasks, human resource officers write the procedure for taking some time off, and security officers explain what to do in any eventuality or emergency.

A process analysis essay can act as a standalone or be incorporated into a paper. It can be part of a development process of creating a fuller piece of work. For example, if you were writing a definition paper that elucidates on Electoral College, part of that paper would involve writing about how the Electoral College works to elect the president. If you are explaining the effects of a given disease or condition you, have to show how the condition or the disease can lead to death.

If your paper is dominantly based on the process analysis, you are likely to employ other tactics of development in your paper. Much of the information goes to the steps of the process but is inadequate to simply list all the elements. Ensure that the following guidelines are met.

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Guidelines for the process analysis essay

  • Incorporate every important step
    Skipping an important step is a mistake that is likely to be made especially when you are writing something that is familiar to you. , you have to slow done and examines every element of the process. Leaving out a step of the process will make your essay look like an unreliable source of information. Follow this guideline and include every step, however obvious it might seem to you.
  • Show the reader how the process is performed
    You simply cannot give the reader the step and expect him to perform it. Provide details necessary for that step, and it is good to warn the reader if there is something out of the ordinary to expect. You can help them deal with common mistakes that happen during that step.
  • Elucidate on the significance of the step and why it is performed
    In the process analysis, there is always a risk of understating the importance of a step in the process. This might see the reader failing to appreciate the step and even skipping it. If you are writing an informational process analysis, this is something you need not worry about. However, you must ensure that the reader gives it the due appreciation it deserves.
  • Explain the trouble spots and what the reader ought not to do
    You can point out a possible problem that the reader is not supposed to do. If you have a fear of the reader will take the wrong action, in your directional process, ensure that you indicate something that should not be done. Explaining as to what should be avoided contextualizes the informative process analysis narrowing the possibilities of the audience.
  • Define unfamiliar terms and mention necessary items
    If there are necessary, items that need to perform the process, mention these items to the reader early enough in your directional process analysis. This will help the audience to assemble them. Mentioning them early is convenient, for instance when you are preparing a recipe for cooking something, you list all the ingredients first. If there are technical terms or vocabularies that you have used in the list, you have to provide definitions some that the reader can understand them.
  • Use examples and description
    To make sure all parts of the process are clear, you can use examples and description. For instance, if you are explaining how animals communicate, you can illustrate the process you can describe using the facial expression of wolves, the sounds and gestures of monkeys and so on.
  • Use visuals
    If you are using a graph, a picture or a drawing, the reader will be able to understand every part of the process. This applies especially when the process is complex, or the explanation is lengthy. A visual may not take the place of a written explanation, but it provides the necessary graphic summary.

The structure of a process analysis

  • The introduction
    This should explain the actual process, its relevance, and necessity. You are not supposed to include any background information, history, or origin. For instance, if a recipe needs some hot sauce, the reader should be told so. Simply put, in the introduction, you are supposed to go directly to the point and give only the necessary information.
  • List of equipment
    The next paragraph is supposed to present all the necessary equipment that the reader will use. These are tools necessary for the process. For example, if there are some ingredients that cannot be found in the locality, the write should tell the audience where they could be found. You are supposed to show the risks that can come out of the process to ensure the audience is well informed. It is also within that paragraph that you tell the reader about anything that can go wrong during the process.
  • Sequential outline of the process
    If the process involves a series of steps and stages, they should be stated and explained in a clear manner and at the relevant point in the sequence. When doing this, you have to be very keen not to confuse the reader. If the process is a complex one, subdivide the steps accordingly. More so, you need to vary how you use your transition words such as then, after, or next to ensure there essay is not repetitive. Give a general view of the entire process as the final part of your process analysis so that the points can be reinforced succinctly without details.


The process analysis essay should look like this

  • The introduction
    Introduce the topic and give a brief outline of what the process will achieve Show the relevance of the process and its usefulness
    Give a real-life example of an outcome of the process
  • The main body
    Present the process in paragraphs
    Each step should take its paragraph
    Use appropriate transitions in each step
    Make your presentation descriptive
  • Conclusion
    Summarize your procedure and do not repeat the individual steps. You only reinforce the major points and milestones
    Describe the expected outcome
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Writing Tips

Use appropriate language and vocabulary

The use of vocabulary and language can make or break your assignment since it affects the degree of clarity and depth that the reader is looking for. Since the process is supposed to be clear, you simple language and limited vocabulary. Where you have used technical terms, provide definitions.

Give the audience a sense of direction

Include the statements that are meant to give direction when it is relevant. Do not complicate the process but ensure it is clear and concise.

Maintain chronological progression in your essay

If you are writing a cooking recipe, it should include all the steps in a chronological order showing where the ingredient is supposed to be added. Additional information can be incorporated at the end to make it detailed.

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