Different academic systems across the world have different obligations for the students, which include writing academic essays.  This means the student must meet these obligations during their studies and should conform to the strict rules of different academic writing formats.  Everyinstitution of higher learning has its rules concerning these essays because they are of different kinds. One of the usual essays written by the student is thematic essays. Since students must write different essays, they must know the difference and the purpose for each of the essay assignments that they deal with.

Thematic essays have many similarities with all other types of essays also there are some distinguishing factors that exist. It is important for the student to learn all of these differences to help him while writing thematic essays.

Some students who are not able to write thematic essays end up utilizing online writing services. It is a way for them to seek support where and when necessary.  If you want to know how to write thematic essays, you first need to understand its purpose. In most academic writing, purposes vary. An essaymany be meant to educate, show a specific impact of the emotion of demonstratingaction to a give situation. All these purposes help the writer to develop a theme around which thematic essays will revolve. If you do this, then your thematic essays will have achieved their objective.

So what then is a thematic essay?

With thematic essays, the writer is supposed to formulate a key theme using literary devices like foreshadowing imagery, personification and so on. As such, there must be the primary subject, provision of literary devices like the evidence and showing the overall significance of the theme. However, there is a problem in finding the most meaningful and insightful ones because of using different subjects. Interpretation varies from one-person to the next and thematic essays anchor on a strong major idea that is consciously proventhrough literary devices.

Writing your thematic essay

Those who have no idea of how to write a thematic essays,consider the following:

The Introduction

All thematic essays have major components thatcomprise of three parts that are the introduction, the body,andthe conclusion.  The foundation of thematic essays is laid at the introduction,anditentails what the entire essay will talk about. Theintroductionmust be structured in a way that grabs the attention of the audience without veering off the topic.The introductioncan be written in different ways, whichincludes use of famous quotes, anecdotes, startling statistics or even a question. This will help in grabbing the reader’s attention from the onset.

The introduction is supposed to be written in a way that helps the audience to identify keywords and definition of terms.  When writing your introduction, your thesis statement must appear at the end of it. In other words, your thesis statement may come in the last sentence of the introduction ushering in the reader into the subsequent paragraph of your body. This signals the start of your argument about the topic you are handling.

The body paragraphs

 Everybody paragraph plays a significant role in the entire thematic essay. It ought to start with a topic sentence that sets what to be discussed in that paragraph. You then use the sentences that follow to support your topic sentence. Everything discussed in that paragraph must be in line with the theme of the essay. All thematic essays are supposed to evaluate opinions. As such, the write has to find the most appropriate way of including every argument whatsoever.  You cannot leave any paragraph hanging. With a closing statement, you have to summarize the entire discussion in that paragraph.

 The conclusion

Like any other academic essay, thematic essays are supposed to end with a good conclusion.  Make it short and straightforward which reminds the audience about the discussion that the paper handled. Your thesis statement can come in handy when you are formulating your conclusion. Restate the thesis in different words without negating the meaning. It is also important to reiterate your major concepts and thought through emphasis and summary.  It demonstrates your stand on the topic because all the opinions are personalized.

If you know how to write thematic essays, then you understand that your conclusion is not supposed to be boring.  You can end it with a quote or a question that describes your point better. The concluding statement ought to leave the reader with a lasting impression about the topic you have discussed. It should make them have your voices way after they are done reading your paper.

How to explore and find a theme for this essay

Since thematic essays are supposed to have a central theme, finding it should be the first step that you take.  However, the availability of the topics for this type of essay makes it hard to choose the best one to explore. Choosing the best theme for thematic essays can happen if you follow the following steps:

Summarizing the literature

You have to go through different literature as you find the appropriate idea that the writer is talking about.  While reading the literature, pay attention to the hints that come up along the way to help you in choosing the best theme. This makes the entire process easy.

Select the subject that is most prevalent

Before delving into the process of how to write thematic essays, you need to understand the difference that exists between a theme and a subject.  A subject is the general topic of a conversation. It can concern love, deception, callousness, bravery and so on. A theme is a specific point that is made by the author concerning the subject. This makes it crucial for you to identify the talking point that the author is trying to bring out in that literature. This is what the essay will rely on in from the onset.

Read between the line

After you identify the best subject, try to identify also the major point made by the author. This will be cleareras you go on into the literature much deeper. As you go along, there will be clues and examples that will help you in identifying the major idea or concept. Once you identify this major theme, you move to the next step of understanding the overall significance.

Overall significance

Identify the general significance that comes from the point made by the author. You also have to identify ways through which this significance can apply in the daily lives of the people. In other words, the lessons that you identify must have the evidence for the work of the author.

Writing an English thematic essay

With thematic essays,you can receive different assignments that call for academic writing premised on the English language.  For you to write an excellent English thematic essay, the following tips ought to apply:

  • Brainstorming

Like any other assignment, English thematic essays start with brainstorming. It helps in determining the point that you are going to explore in the entire paper. Before you can start brainstorming, you have to identify a subject that you want to examine.  You can write down anything that comes to your mind and relates to the topic.  Brilliant ideas will come as you continue and from them, it will be easy to settle for a theme.

  • Thesis statement

An English thematic essay must revolve around a thesis statement. You have to indicate to the audience what you are about to discuss in the entire essay. It is the most significant sentence of your introduction and should appear as the last sentence in that part of the essay.Use the introduction to hook the reader so that they can read your work nonstop.

It is supposed to be written in a manner that elicits curiosity of the audience to keep reading and findingout more about what you are discussing.

  • The body

The body of your English thematic essay can have twoto three paragraphs that develop your arguments. Your claims need evidence and examples to make it stronger. Every paragraph ha you write must revolve around a topic that ties to the main theme of the essay. Inevery paragraph, make sure there is at least one example that proves your facts. Most importantly, you can analyze to help in proving your theory and explaining your major points.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion of your English thematic essay should never present any new ideas you have not discussed in the text. Instead, it is supposed to go through the ideas that you have presented. Simply put, you can restate your thesis and summarize some points you have made within the English thematic essay. Give a global analysis of the subject andleave the audience with a call to action that intereststhem to go further in the topic.

Wrapping up your essay

Like it is the norm with all academic papers before you can wrap up everything, or like in the examples of thematic essays that yousee, you need to ensure the paper is free from any mistakes.  Double-check to confirm that the central theme that you have chosen is the one that the author most likely meant to put across. If you can present a secondary theme and do it strongly enough as a primary, then you need to validate your primary subject.

Go through your essay proofreading everything and eliminating any mistakes that relate to grammar, spelling punctuation and so on. Clean your thematic essay as much as you can. You can also get another pair of eyes to go through your work. It can be your classmate, parent, or even a close friend.  Their feedback is essential in fine-tuning everything to make the essay look professional.

Grading of thematic essays

The grading of thematic essays can anchor on different factors. First, establish that you have a clear understanding of the major theme.  You also need to show that you have exhaustively dealt with every aspect of the entire assignment. Most importantly, your lecturer will be looking at how you demonstrate your ability to deal with and analyses issues and events within the text. He will be looking out for your ability to write a cohesive and rational thematic essay using different vivid details.

The grading of thematic essays also considers your ability to summarize all the major arguments and points within the essay. He will look at how you make a strong introduction that captures the reader’s attention. The conclusion is also considered, which is why it should sum up the argument of the entire essay without negating it.

 Factors that make thematic essays ineffective

It is known that not every studentknows howto write thematic essays.However, that does not exempt them from performing the required task nor are they left out when the lecturers are teaching on how to write the best and effective thematic essays.  However, failure to follow the above steps will make your essay not only ineffective but also it will lock you out of a good grade. As such, you must be aware of thefactors that make thematicessays ineffective. They include:

  • Failure to address all the requirements of the assignment
  • Lacking enough depth of accuracy in your discussions
  • Employing faulty analysis of the theme or lacking it altogether losing focus, lack of strong examples or historical details that pertain to the theme of your essay
  • Inability to write a strong introduction and conclusion

Writing thematic essay is not different from other forms of writing. You have to conduct enough research on the topic that you are handling and pay attention even to the mundane details that can otherwise be ignored. Remember with a thematic essay; you are proving the existence of a specific theme and its significance in the context of the literature provided. You have to convincingly convey your own understanding of the theme and use evidence to back it up.  That way, you will have achieved the purpose of the essay. That is how you deal with a thematic essay.