Not many people, and especially students, enjoy essay writing. Most of these students have a pessimistic feeling about essay writing, and as such, they prefer not doing the assignment. This problem emanates from what one would term as writing anxiety or writer’s block. At times you will find that there are people comfortable to write biology related essay but are apprehensive when it comes to other general topics. It might be easy for a student to deal with a paper based on sociology but find it hard to write a simple and cute email to a girl asking her out for a date, funny, right?

This makes the writer’s anxiety situational. As such, some situations can cause essay writing anxiety, and they include:

  • Trying to adapt to a new writing style like the first semester in college or a form of writing with which you are not familiar. For instance, trying to write a research paper, dissertation and so on

  • Writing to a tough audience like a professor who is highly critical of your essays.

  • Paying attention to the criticism, you have received previously even though the source of that criticism is not the intended audience for your essay.

  • Tight deadlines can also lead to writing anxiety especially if one is grappling with how to deal with the available time.

  • Failure to understand the assignment can also contribute to the anxiety associated with writers.

How to deal with this anxiety

Since this is more of a feeling that lack of writing skills, there are several ways that one can use to deal with it. You can choose a writing friend; a person who can encourage you in your writing path. He can be a family member, a classmate, a teacher, and colleague and so on. It is easy to talk to them about your writing ideas, the essay writing process, the worries you have the success. If you share your pieces of writing, it will help in eliminating this anxiety. Checking with your writing buddy regular is instrumental in alleviating and completely getting rid of this anxiety.

Additional tips:

  • Ask for help

As earlier indicated, the essay writing process does not have to be a solitary undertaking. You can seek help from anyone, even your professor if you have trouble understanding what it’s required of you. If you get an objective opinion, you will be able to get back on the right trajectory.

  • Refrain from becoming a perfectionist

The first try will never get your writing correct. To become an expert writer, you have to invest in time and be ready to make mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from them. A good method to overcome this is to develop a writing process where you focus on ideas first, move to the organization and proper use of grammar. If you face problems with your ideas, you can take the time to brainstorm.

  • Employ time management techniques

You need not wait until the last minute to start writing your essay because it can be a source of unwarranted stress irrespective of your target audience. Depending on the deadline put by the professor, take your time to write your essay everyday one-step at a time. Have a target for each day, and by the time the deadline is approaching, you will see how well the essay comes together.

  • If you are getting stressed up, stop

You cannot write an effective essay if you are stressed out, or you are feeling tense. Take a break and do something else. Take a walk to clear your mind because it is important to concentrate once you start the writing process. When you come back, you will give the essay the required attention and the approach it deserves.

  • Frame your mind positively

Even though you are not a fan of writing, it is crucial to shelf the negative thoughts when you want to write your essay. Take it as an adventure with a clear objective in your mind. This will make the process less daunting, and you might even end up loving it.

  • Reward yourself

After you have finished writing your paper, submit it and take some time off. Go to a movie or hang out with your friends. You have worked for it, and as such, you deserve it.

Everyone, even professional writers face writing anxiety at one point in time. However, the above suggestions can help you in relieving the pressure that comes with the essay writing process. Do not let any disappointment hold you because mistakes are a natural part of life. The crucial thing is to see the lesson in them. You have to keep a positive frame of mind especially when you are writing academic papers as well as essays because your success depends on it.