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This is a set of tasks that are assigned to a student by their tutors. It is usually completed outside the school and it may include a quantity or period of reading to be undertaken, writing to be completed, math problems to be solved, as well as a review of the information before a test. Homework also seeks to assess a set of other skills possessed by the student.

However, there seems to be a never-ending debate surrounding homework. From a general perspective, homework tends to work better with the older student as they can improve greatly as opposed to children. Others think homework is a stressor too many students and their parents as it encroaches on the time that students can spend outdoors exercising, playing working, sleeping or perhaps engaged in other activities that do not relate to learning.

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The purpose of homework

Homework plays different purposes in the academic life of a student some of the objectives that comes with it includes the following:

  • To increase the knowledge and improve the abilities and skills of the student
  • To prepare them adequately for the upcoming lessons and exams
  • To extend their existing knowledge by having them apply it to different new situations
  • To integrate their abilities by applying different skills to a specific task
  • To provide a chance for the parents to participate in the academic life of their children

How work aims at cementing what the student has learned in class. It also has the objectives that are the same as those of schooling the student. Some of the purposes for the provision of homework to the students include preparation participation, personal development; fostering parent chilled relationship as well as parent-teacher communications. Homework also seeks to serve the purpose of enhancing peer interactions, policy, public relations, as well as punishment.

Effects of homework on academic performance

Since homework dates back to the 19th century, there is still no consensus on its effectiveness when it comes to the academic performance of individual students. There are factors that make the effects of homework vary greatly, and the most eminent one is the age of the students. The teenage students who spend more time engaged in their homework have a better chance of performing well and getting higher test scores than those who spend less time doing their homework. On the other hand, too much homework may result in a student’s poor performance even among older students.

Low-achievers benefit more from homework than top-performers. There are instances where teachers assignment more homework to students who do not need it whereas they give less homework to those who need it. The disparity is not supposed to bring any equality in performance and will have a little effect especially on low achievers.

The importance of homework to a student

The debate exists when it comes to the importance and effectiveness of homework to the student is still raging. The two camps are completely divided in the middle and each one tries to justify their argument. There have been studies conducted and published with some of them finding out the benefits whereas others found out otherwise. However, the big question that begs an express answer remains; what it the importance of homework to a student?

There are those who feel that the amount of homework that the student is receiving has increased in a bid to raise their test scores. Some of the parents believe that the amount of homework a student gets is reasonable enough to raise his overall grades. However, that does not end the debate and as such, t is crucial to look at the two sides of it.

Homework proponents

These ones believe in the benefits of homework. Their belief hinges on the following:

  • Homework is the foundation of life skills like time management and organization
  • Homework can enhance the critical thinking skills of the student
  • It does not have to be an overload and can follow the 10-minute homework rule
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Homework opponents

The believe that homework should not even exist and it does, and then it should be little. They base their opinions on the following:

  • Homework has not been proven to significantly improve performance in different studies
  • Assigning and grading homework encroaches on valuable class time
  • Homework, especially for low achieving students, often require help, encouraging se students to hurry or cheat by enlisting the services of someone else is simply absconding
  • The time spent doing homework could be applied in reading
  • Assignments are a stressor
  • Homework encroaches on time for family, friends, volunteering, sports or hobbies
  • Families and their students will reap the benefits of doing away with homework. They argue that the family will have less stress, will have time for one another and they will live balanced lives.

Now, the answer to the importance of homework to a student depends on whom you ask because no one seems to know exactly what it is meant to achieve. However, it is crucial to consider the following points especially if you are assigning homework to a student:

  • Let it be meaningful, doable and of reasonable length and quantity
  • If it has a timely individual feedback from the teacher, it becomes more effective and the student will experience its effects
  • At the elementary level, it does not improve the test score but it is a perfect preparation for middle school.
  • Homework is also important for the parents to know how their children are faring in school

Away from the debate that surrounds the homework aspect of learning, there are several things we have to consider. Homework is important to a student because it provides a perfect meeting point between home and school. The parents get the opportunity to observe the academic progress of their children. They get a chance to express a positive attitude towards the children and their education. As the children grow and advance in learning, homework and its importance increases. For the teaching fraternity, they use homework too as a cost-effective way of providing additional instruction in practice.

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Constructive purposes of homework

These purposes are put in the context of the educational experience of a child.

  • Practice and participation
    Students get to learn tasks and participate in applying those tasks in different situations. This improves their experience. As such if the homework is completed accurately, it increases the mastery of basic academic skills like reading, write, spelling as well as mathematics. It also increases their general knowledge. Besides that, the ability of the child to bring the assignment home, gather and organize all the essential requirements to get the assignment done, return the assignment to the teacher and receive a grade strengthens his sense of responsibility. He also learns how to manage his time well.
  • Improved personal skills
    Results from the ability of the child to complete the work
  • The positive aspect of your relationship with the child
    This happens when the homework proceeds smoothly and the student is able to finish it accordingly.
  • Public relations role
    A parent becomes aware of what the student is learning since he is informed about class activities and policies.
  • Administrative role
    With homework helps the school in general to achieve their overall mission of improving the accomplishments of the student.

Homework bridges the gap between schools and parents. A school uses the homework as a tool to monitor the individual improvement of the students. Parents, on the other hand, have to notice the potential to gain a greater appreciation of education besides expressing positive attitudes towards the achievements of their children.

The right amount of homework

Students in high school tend to receive more homework that students in primary school. The idea is to reinforce their skills in the classroom. To make homework more effective, it depends on the right amount. In high school, students receive homework to complete assignments. Students must receive a set amount of relevant homework that includes the explanations of information address during class hours students get a chance to explore the crucial concepts in areas that are fascinating to them. On the same note, the student should endeavor to complete their assignments. This rule should hinge on the age and skill of the student. If the student is anxious, it can affect his cognitive ability with regard to the topic he is handling. If there are chances of success, they will get stimulated in their brain because they know what they are working towards.

Education, like most of the aspects of life, requires a balance. If a student receives homework in moderation wit realistic expectations, they will be able to learn good life skills. Parents, on the other hand, will be able to help their children and assess their learning abilities and academic progress. If homework is too much, it can be a source of stress, fatigue, and disruption of family life. All these are factors that can contribute to the academic downfall of a student. With homework, a student gets a little piece of education puzzle, and to get the bigger picture, all the pieces have to be there first and assembled.

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