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Explanatory essays

This is an informative piece of writing that informs and teaches a reader about a subject. It explains the functionality of something, how to perform a task, steps in a procedure or the reason why something is the way it is. By the time the reader finishes reading this essay, he should have a better understanding of the subject. The key prompt words in an explanatory essay include, explore, explain, show, detail, demonstrate, tell why to talk about, and write why and so on. This essay begins with an assumption of truthfulness providing answers to the question of why and how. The write of such an essay draws information from his knowledge of the subject as well as primary and secondary sources. The essay should incorporate relevant examples, details, and facts.

When writing an explanatory essay, you must provide the reader with analysis and information. This is what sets the topic for the discussion of your essay. However, explanatory essays may not have an overt theme or central argument. These essays may not employ in-depth research, and the examples that you use can be based on the knowledge of the writer.

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Elements of an explanatory essay

This essay follows several important aspects that include:

  • A well-focused the thesis
  • An introduction paragraph that makes known your thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs that use specific evidence supporting your analysis and information
  • Smooth transitions that link ideas in every paragraph in fascinating ways
  • A good conclusion that sums up your argument without repeating it

A clear and well-focused thesis statement thesis statement

Ensure that your thesis statement is focused and conforms to the guidelines of your assignment. This is supposed to come in the introduction part of your assignment. When you are formulating you thesis sta, ensure that it is debatable and can provide enough details to talk about in your essay. Your thesis statement should come at the ends of your introduction since it links with the first body paragraph of your essay.

Body paragraphs that use specific evidence supporting your analysis and information

Everybody paragraph in your explanatory essay is supposed to deal with a single idea. In other words, the topic sentence of every paragraph should introduce an idea that is then backed up by supporting sentences. The ideas in every paragraph that you write should tie to the central argument of your explanatory essay. Every sentence of every paragraph should provide closure to an idea that has been discussed in that paragraph. This will enable the reader to understand better, the message that you are trying to pass across.

Every paragraph must have an example that supports the topic sentence in a logical manner. When you utilize examples, the entire essay becomes clear, and it gives the audience a sense of direction.

Smooth transitions that link ideas in every paragraph in fascinating ways

Any essay that students write must make use of transitions. They enhance the smooth flow id ideas and enhance the logical flow of thoughts. It is easy to follow the argument of the story that is told in an essay. Explanatory essays must utilize transitions to make sure that they are well understood. When writing your transitions, ensure that they connect the ideas between paragraphs. They become effective especially if they are used in the last sentence of every paragraph. This connects one paragraph to the next without breaking any idea. In other words, they provide closure and open a new idea to the reader. Lack of goods transitions will interfere with the flow of the entire essay, and the audience will not be able to follow what the writer is trying to say.

A good conclusion that sums up your argument without repeating it

The idea of writing a conclusion is to leave the audience with a lasting impression in their minds. To write an effective conclusion for your explanatory essay makes it logical. Summarize all the major points to give the impression that you have wrapped up your topic effectively and exhaustively. For this reason, you are limited by the conclusion itself about the kind of information you include. There is no room for new information, facts, or evidence. Whatever you discuss on to summarize in the conclusion is supposed to be about what your arguments in the entire essay.

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Structuring the essay

The format of writing essays does not change, but the requirements do. As such, the explanatory essay follows the basic standard format of writing an essay, and this is how to go about it:

  • Develop an outline
    Every information you have must revolve around a point. With an outline, you are able to write an essay that is straightforward and informational. In most cases, you will use the five-paragraph format of writing your essay. However, this format cannot be a deterrent of using more than five paragraphs. However, this depends on the topic you are addressing and the amount of information you want to include in your essay. You can formulate a tentative thesis for your outline addressing the assignment question. Ensure that it is original and interesting. The examples that you use in your explanatory essay can hinge on your memory or experience. Ensure that it comments with your thesis statement.

    Conclude your outline is paying attention to how you are going to wrap up your essay. Your conclusion must ooze meaning and interest. The conclusion is a summary of your major points and is written in a manner that does not repeat them.
  • Write an attention-grabbing introduction
    Explanatory essays for not rely on the opinions of the writer as other types of writing. This makes it possible for the writer to employ any tactic when introducing his essay to the audience. Feel free to use excerpts from news articles, historical events, or quotes as perfect ways of introducing your article.
  • Writing an informative body
    You can have three arguments and counterarguments although the latter is optional. Your paragraphs must deal with one idea. There is no point of discussing two ideas in one paragraph. The essay would lack a sense of direction and structure. The evidence that you use must be factual, logical, or statistical. It increases the believability and credibility of your essay. Include an example in every paragraph illustrating your topic sentence.

Crucial aspects of explanatory essays

  • This essay must strive to teach the audience something new in a fascinating and well-defined manner
  • It must show and delineate the process or the process
  • It must have a clear definition and distinction of parts of a subject
  • It must go beyond the obvious to teach something new t the audience, and as such, it is not wise to skip parts of a process even if you consider the obvious.

Transitional words to use in your explanatory essay

Some of the transitional words to use ion your explanatory essay include:
Earlier, first finally, for example, for instance, immediately, in support of this, last later, simultaneously thereafter, soon, subsequently, third, in fact, meanwhile , before long, afterwards, at least, about, after, at the time, at the same time, during, until, till when, while and so son.

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Explanatory essay topics

If you are a student, chances of getting an explanatory essay assignments abound, it is crucial to know how to write one and the guide provided above can be very helpful if you pay attention. If you want to write the best essay for a good grade, you must start from a good topic. Generating good topics for an essay can be problematic to some students as such, the following examples can serve as a starting point for your explanatory essay writing process.

  • Effects of technology on relationships
    These topics can look at how relationships have been affected by technology. You have to show that partners are spending more time on their electronic gadgets instead of talking to each other. You can decide to show how this undermines the effectiveness of one on one communication.
  • How video games affect children
    Many people are of the idea that video games have an influence on children. To write your explanatory essay, you can try to show either the positives or the negatives of the purposed influence. For instance, you can explain how these children can use these video games to enhance their social skills.
  • Positive effects of the internet on communication
    People would agree that life would not be the same without internet. Your essay can try to show how the internet has brought positivity in communication through enhanced interaction.
  • How to prevent bullying in school
    You can talk about what leads to bullying in schools and how it affects kids. Explain what the parents and teachers can do to weed this vice out completely.
  • How to eat healthy while living on a tight college budget
    You can talk about your survival skills as you wait for your parents to send you to cash in college. You can provide some tips to the reader who might be a prospective college student.

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