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Purpose and Audience of this Guide
Why read academic articles?
Essay Writing
Report Writing
Oral Presentations
Finding Sources
Good Academic Scholarship
Understanding Feedback
Exam preparation and Techniques

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Purpose and Audience of this Essay Writing Guide

Academic Writing Guide: The Audience of this guide

This guide targets every student who is seeking to enhance his study skills. It targets those students who have difficulties coming up with important assignments. In most cases, students face different situations that hinder their efficiency and ability to attain good marks. The information we provide here will go a long way in making the student confident of his study skills as well as writing skills that are essential not only in assignments writing but also in exam preparation.

This knowledge is important in deciding the best approach to use in both your personal studies as well as during lectures.

academic writing guide

The Purpose of this guide

The purpose of this study guide is to provide a starting point to think on different and significant study and employability skills needed in higher learning. It aims at equipping the student with important knowledge on how to conduct his studies while paying attention to the ultimate goal of academic success. The diversity of information herein will open the student’s mind on realizing the best ways to deal with assignments and the techniques that are applicable at any point in learning. This essential tool enhances chances of a better performance.