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How to deal with essay writing anxiety

Not many people, and especially students, enjoy essay writing. Most of these students have a pessimistic feeling about essay writing, and as such, they prefer not doing the assignment. This problem emanates from what one would term as writing anxiety or writer’s...

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Exam Preparation Tips for University Students

Examinations are a big part of the academic assessment of a student at any level. They require adequate preparation because top performance is what the student is looking for. All course materials are vital in this preparation. A student has many ways that they can...

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Effective Tips for Better Essay Writing

According to Shakespeare, the pen is stronger than a sword. However, it is not enough to make you the best writer. Effective essay writing is not based on inspiration alone. There is more to it than meets the eye. To any students, essay writing brings its fair share...

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Tips for Writing a Successful College Admission Essay

You already know how to write a normal essay. It is easy for you to write the introduction, the body, and a perfect conclusion. However, when it comes to outstanding college admission essay, the case is different. Gaining admission to an institution of higher learning...

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